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Web Store Content Management System (CMS)

Get a professionally designed ecommerce website for a fraction of the cost.

"Design is done for a reason,
do it well and your business will prosper;
do it badly and it will suffer."

Jakob Nielsen.

Creating your own e-business and selling online is now easier than ever.

Here's the 5 easy steps that will get you started:

  1. Get our Ecommerce Site Kit - database-driven CMS (Content Management System) PHP web application for building and managing commerce business websites with shopping cart.
    Note: If you are new to Internet business of commerce please read our Newbie's Guide to E-commerce first.
  2. Install our Ecommerce Site Kit-1 on your web-hosting account or we will do it for you at no charge.
  3. Upload your logo, customize the settings of your website and CSS template using E-commerce Site Kit's Admin Panel.
  4. Enter info of your products that you are going to sell on your site.
  5. Start making Money

Get Your Website And Your eCommerce Solution All-In-One Package with our E-commerce Site Kit

Are you interested in becoming financially independent?

Online retail sales is constantly growing and will reach $248.7 billion by 2014 just in the USA with a total increase of 60% from 2009! (Forrester Research). Want to get your piece of this pie? - Then get your own web store software with shopping cart and get started selling online today!

The convenience of buying and selling on the Internet cannot be overestimated. With Internet commerce accessible in most countries around the world, making your very own webstore website is the best way to get financially independent.

The most important part of any e-commerce store is a "back-end" web application which provides the functionality for your website:
  • Shopping cart.
  • Database-driven catalog of your product web pages.
  • Admin Panel for managing and updating of product pages.
  • Static HTML or PHP pages such as "About Us", "Contact Us" etc.
  • CSS templates to change design and layout of your site.
  • Customers' orders.
  • Processing of Credit Card transactions in the real-time (very important for selling digital goods with immediate download).
  • And much more...
Designing and coding this kind of application from scratch is a very expensive job which costs thousands of dollars and many hours for a team of web programmers and designers to complete.
Big companies like Yahoo!, Amazon and eBay offer a hosted web service with almost all of these features but there are a number of huge disadvantages that come with it. Here are just some of them:
  • It is very expensive due to the monthly fees you must pay.
  • You can't control your own business if somebody owns a crucial part of it such as the e-commerce component of your business, your database of products, etc.
  • You can't improve, upgrade or implement new features.
  • You can't move your webshop to some other service provider.
  • If their service is down your business is down too and there's nothing you can do about it.
  • You can lose all of your data in a moment.
  • You are dependent on them forever!
Get the benefits of accepting PayPal and major credit card payments (AmEx, Visa, MasterCard, Discover) on your webstore without the handcuffs on the control of your business or any monthly fees!

SitesOutlet has designed a very affordable, simple, easy-to-use web store CMS. Any computer-literate person can now afford and can setup their own Internet retail business. Our E-commerce Site Kit is very reliable, inexpensive, fully supported and provides total independence for the ecommerce component of your business. We provide free lifetime support and will even install our software for you at no additional charge. Click to find out more about our ecommerce solution.

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