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Web Tools

Web ToolsHere we have a helpful set of tools used by web professionals: webmasters, web developers, web designers and SEO specialists. Discover the secrets of successful web professionals and thier web instruments. Learn how to get ahead of your competitors by arming yourself with professional web equipment.

Here is what we have on the menu
for SitesOutlet Members:

  • Color & Font Picker shows how the selected colors and fonts look like before you decide to apply it in your HTML code.
  • Websafe Color Tool visually helps you to navigate through web colors with their RGB values and Hex color code.
  • Color Converter gives you the hexadecimal values of your RGB colors and vice versa.
  • Gradient Image Maker. Create horizontal and vertical gradient images on a fly.
  • Screen Resolution Comparison shows you how your website looks in different screen resolutions.
  • Favicon Generator Convert your images in "favicon.ico" file on a fly.
  • Table Maker visually creates HTML code of tables by your choice of parameters.
  • Drop Down Menu Maker creates simple drop-down box-menu by your choice.
  • Dreamweaver Code Cleaner get rid of unnecessary code in your HTML.
  • Frontpage Code Cleaner get rid of redundant code in your HTML.
  • HTML Validator inspects your HTML code for any coding errors.
  • Broken link checker Check your pages for broken links.
  • CSS Validator checks your code for errors and provides you with error report.
  • CSS Generator generates CSS code for your website.
  • Advanced CSS Generator generates advanced CSS code for your website.
  • Popup Maker creates JavaScript and HTML code of pop-up windows by your choice of parameters.
  • HTML Optimizer Optimize your web pages for faster load speed.
  • HTML Encrypter Protect your HTML code from stealing.
  • HTML Converter converts your HTML code in various scripting languages.
  • Text/Code Comparison shows the difference between 2 chunks of text or scripting language code.
  • Browser details Find out your IP address, hostname, browser details and headers.
  • Advanced Link Checker Reveal all broken links on your website by your choice of parameters.
  • IP Location Find out the IP address of a domain and to what country it belongs.
  • Reverse IP/Look-up shows IP address of a website.
  • Determine Country From IP Find out what country the IP belongs.
  • HTTP Headers inspects the HTTP headers that the web server returns when requesting a URL.
  • C Class Checker checks if some sites are hosted on the same Class C IP Range.
  • Server status shows the HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, and MYSQL accessibilty status for a domain name.
  • Link Extractor shows a variety of information about the links on a web page that you specify.
  • Spam List Check checks a mail server IP address against DNS based email blacklists.
  • Email Encrypter creates JavaScript code with email link invisible to spammers' email harvesters.
  • Crontab Entry Generator creates crontab entries by your choice of parameters.
  • htaccess URL Rewrite Convert dynamic URLs to search engine friendly URLs.
  • Ban Generator Ban some IPs from reaching your website.
  • Password Generator Restrict access to any files of your website only to the list of specified users with their passwords.
  • CPM Advertising ROI Calculator measures your ROI (return on investment) if you are using the CPM (cost per thousand) impressions advertising model.
  • Robots.txt Syntax Checker checks the contents of a site's robots.txt file.
  • Spider View This Tool simulates a search engine by displaying the contents of a web page in the way the search engine spider would see it.
  • Code To Text Ratio Find out the relevancy of your web-pages' content from seach engins' point of view.
  • Meta Tag Viewer shows you the meta tags of the specified web page.
  • Meta Tag Creator generates the code for your Meta Tags quickly and easily.
  • Advanced Meta Tag Generator generates the code for your Meta Tags quickly and easily by your choice of parameters.
  • Webpage Analyzer analyzes specified keywords on a web page's content and shows you a report from SEO point of view.
  • Keyword Density Analyzer Analyze the keyword density on your web site or measure the keyword density of your competition to determine the optimum keyword density for your keywords.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool Get ideas for keywords related to keywords that you've already thought of or researched.
  • Link popularity Find out how many links you have to your site in each of the big 3 search engines.
  • Link Popularity Comparison shows you how your link profile compares to leading competitors.
  • Ranking tool shows you Google page-Rank.
  • Visual pagerank checks and displays Page-Rank value of all links on the specified web page both internal and outgoing.
  • Alexa Traffic Rank allows you to compare Alexa views, reach and rank for websites with results shown in a graph style.
  • Competition Research Tool shows some useful information on your competitors.
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