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Website Design Tip:

A business site must be designed from a customer or audience perspective.
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Newbies Guide to Ecommerce

How to start your very own e-Commerce business without paying a fortune for it:

  1. First of all you should take care about branding and register the right domain name for your e-commerce website. You can not be serious if you don't have your own or any other appropriate TLD (Top Level Domain). Check out our comparison table of TLD Registrars and choose the right domain name and registrar company.
  2. The next thing to do is to find the right web-hosting company with professional customer support, variety of features, security and up-time guarantee. There are too many of them to choose from, but we can recommend our partners at Web hosting is necessary to host your domain name, files of your website and provide uninterruptible reliable service for back-end transactions between your ecommerce website and real-time payment processors (providers).
  3. To accept credit card payments online you need to establish your own Internet merchant account with a real-time payment processor (provider). Here is the comparison table of companies who provide such service.
    Sometimes it is much easier and even more profitable to use third party solutions such as PayPal, WorldPay etc. without establishing a merchant account. Here is the comparison table of the third party payment processors (providers).
    In both cases you should do some math and decide which solution is more appropriate for your e-commerce business or even use several of them together as we do (PayPal and InternetSecure).
  4. The most important part of ecommerce website is back-end web application that includes: shopping cart, database-driven catalog of your products and Control Panel for managing/updating of products, customers' orders, automatic real-time transactions, security issues, etc. Building such a thing from scratch is a very expensive job and can cost you thousands of dollars and might take a lot of time to accomplish. There are some companies that offer a build-in ecommerce web service with above mentioned features, for instance Microsoft bCentral or Monster Commerce. But major problems with all of them are:
    • It gets really expensive in a long-time perspective (monthly fee).
    • You cannot control your own business if somebody owns the crucial part of it.
    • You cannot improve, upgrade, implement new features or move your e-commerce website to other web hosting company.
    • If their website is attacked by hackers (for instance DoS attack) your website will be down too and you have nothing to do to avoid it. You can lose all of your data in a moment.
    • You are bound to them forever!
    We offer totally reliable, inexpensive and absolutely independent solutions: E-commerce Site Kit without any kind of monthly fees. Take control of your ecommerce business back in your own hands:
    • Choose any payment processor you like.
    • Choose any web hosting company you like.
    • Choose any web design/layout/skin for your web-store or design your own.
    • Maintain and update your web-store without any web programming skills.
    • If you need to add some extra or custom features - please do not hesitate to contact us - we are ready to do it for a reasonably small price.
    • Enjoy true freedom and flexibility of ecommerce business.
  5. Make your ecommerce website easy to navigate, easy to understand - take care of your customers. Visual design of your website shouldn't distract your visitors from your products. Remember: poor usability and too dummy or too sophisticated web design can kill your e-commerce business.
  6. Check out some real-life web-stores of our customers: - Online Fine Art Gallery. - pre-owned CNC Machine equipment sale and exchange.
    XMicro - Online store selling XMicro innovative technologies: electronics, computer electronics, wireless and software.
  7. E-commerce Glossary
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