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Website Design Tip:

Do not focus on the number of clicks rather than usability. It is more important that users feel in control and understand what to click on, than to ensure all info is 3 clicks away. Don't bury it too deep either but definitely don't create a contrived unfathomable navigation to meet some dumb web rule.
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About SitesOutlet

SitesOutlet is an independent project of international web design community since 2002.

SitesOutlet is highly skilled team of web developers and web designers from around the world: USA, Europe, Canada and Australia.

SitesOutlet mission is:SitesOutlet's Team of web developers and business analysts can implement any kind of business model into the real life e-commerce website. Rather than promote Internet hype, we are focused on researching how Web technologies can increase current business profit of our customers. If it's possible to do – we can do it.
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